AppBuilder 360 utilizes best practices as they relate to project management, interaction design, agile development, and marketing strategies. With our experience in mobile app design, development, and deployment it is clear that a best practices approach must be embraced in order to ensure the effectiveness of this effort.

Each project (Project I & Project II) has its own phased approach. The entire process from introduction through to mobile app submission (and release) has been detailed below in a “phased” approach list. This approach allows for major milestones to be set at the end of each phase and allows the client to see measurable progress throughout the project lifecycle. Effective communication between the client and AppBuilder360 has been established, and will be continued throughout the process as well. Thus, increasing the probability of a successful set of business requirements, user interactions, app concept, app design, app demo, and of course released mobile app!

Communication & Design

We will have a kick off meeting either in person or via online meeting, where we will go through a team introduction, timeline requirements, and design element requirements.

This information will be the basis for the overall style for your app (conforming to clients style guide and typically graphics provided by client), custom graphic design is also available and will be utilized as needed. Client will be presented with some basic splash screen designs, buttons and color schemes for the app, following closely the design and color schemes that match the current brand. Designs will be accurate mock-ups, from which final graphics will be generated and rendered in all appropriate sizes and resolutions once approved.

Development & Test

Timelines can vary per client, as each has a unique set of goals for their mobile experience. This being said, AppBuilder360 is committed to delivery of your mobile app within a timely manner. Baseline timeline TBD based upon kickoff date and other variables, or as per otherwise agreed upon. Upon completion, we will provide a demonstration or preview of the app for client approval. We will work with you to fine tune items that you like, until you are happy with the product. (Within the scope of the outlined and agreed upon project). All code will be stored in GitHub for version control and to easily turn over or share code with your team upon completion.

Release & Manage

Once the application final coding is completed and tested, we will create you itunes listing, including marketing screen shots to include with the app submission, and will work with you to create a keyword list and marketing copy for inclusion in the iTunes stores. Once all the required information and screen shots have been uploaded, the app is ready for submission. The approval process for each app is different, however is expected to be between 10 to 14 days.