Making effective learning more accessible than ever!

Cloud 9 Learning is a mobile management system (MMS) designed to manage and deliver K-12 instructional content on mobile devices. As schools embrace mobile learning, Cloud 9 fully engages students, teachers, administrators, and parents/guardians with a complete management system—for all major tablet and smartphone platforms. Cloud 9 provides effective instruction that aligns to Common Core and state standards—and takes advantage of communication and collaboration features associated with mobile computing.

Learning is more simple and straightforward, not to mention more accessible on mobile devices!

Supported User Types

The mobile management system (MMS), Cloud 9 Learning provides mobile solutions for everyone involved in student learning.

  • Student User
  • Teacher User
  • Observer User
  • Builder USer
  • Admin User

System Capabilities

Although Cloud 9 was developed with mobile devices as the primary way to access the MMS, all users can also access Cloud 9 from traditional web-based computers and Macs. The Administrator and Builder users generally take advantage of the additional power and efficiency of the conventional platform—specifically when importing data and content. The Administrator toolbox screen shown below allows streamlined management of student data, new course development, and class setup. Once data or content is entered and saved, it is automatically converted to a mobile device format and immediately available.